• Women Cycling – Telling Your Story to Inspire Change

    August 2016

    Join APBP for a lively webinar providing insights about women and bicycling. We’ll talk about:

    • A new book by Emilie Bahr: Urban Revolutions: A Women’s Guide to 2-wheeled Transportation
    • A new story-telling tool by Melissa Balmer: “Pedal Love Storytelling Toolkit Part I”
    • Personal insights from the Honorable T. Bella Dinh-Zarr about bicycling to work at the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington, DC
    • Initial findings by Fionnuala Quinn about APBP’s 2016 Women Cycling survey and how perceptions have changed from the 2010 Women Cycling survey

    Emilie Bahr, author, New Orleans, Louisiana
    Melissa Balmer, Founder/Director Pedal Love, Long Beach CA
    Honorable T. Bella Dinh-Zarr, PhD, MPH, National Transportation Safety Board, Washington, DC
    Fionnuala Quinn, Director, The Bureau of Good Roads, Fairfax, Virginia

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  • Women of Courage, Character and Commitment Moving Active, Sustainable Transportation Forward

    March 2014

    Join APBP as six distinguished women in transportation share their insights about being women of character, courage and commitment in a field once dominated by men.

    • Do women make a difference?
    • What is it like to lead an innovative transportation department?
    • Can we better integrate health into all aspects of planning practice?
    • Is equity (racial, gender) emerging as a core conversation in transportation planning?
    • Have transportation research questions changed as more women enter the field?
    • How are young professionals changing transportation engineering thought and practice?
    • Who is teaching the next generation of engineers to make bicycling and walking the heart and soul of transportation?

    Each speaker has a story to inspire you to continue your work to make transportation a healthier and more robust choice in communities.

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  • Women’s Work: Bicycle-friendly Communities by Design

    March 2013

    APBP’s fourth annual Women Cycling Project webinar features brilliant women working to make communities more bicycle-friendly.

    Join us as we profile outstanding professionals who develop bicycle plans, projects and programs for communities, encourage children to bicycle to school, and inspire girls to consider careers in transportation.

    Whether you are a student or professional, a woman or man, this webinar will motivate you to address key reasons keeping people from bicycling for transportation: speeding cars and inattentive drivers. This year’s webinar incorporates the 2013 National Women’s History Month theme, Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination.

    This theme honors generations of women who throughout American history have used their intelligence, imagination, sense of wonder, and tenacity to make extraordinary contributions to the STEM fields. (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Visit www.nwhp.org to learn how to incorporate this theme into your 2013 Women’s History Month celebrations.)

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