Got photos? Your photos could help to convince a policy maker, planner, engineer, school superintendent, or police officer to make their community more bicycle-friendly. People who make presentations, create brochures, design posters, etc. need to have fresh, captivating images to turn heads and change hearts and minds. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) seeks photos and videos for this purpose, especially if the images are of women and girls using a bicycle for transportation. To learn more about how to contribute your photos and videos, visit and To see what’s there now, enter “women” in the search field. We’d love to have hundreds of photos and videos to choose from!

Thanks for your help.

Photo | Video Credits

  • 1st prize: Beauty and the Bike (short) by the Darlington Media Group found in the PBIC Video Library at
  • 2nd prize: 3 images of women in Portland, OR with or on bicycles: / photographer Elly Blue
  • 3rd prize: 2 images, little girl on bike near school and woman working on bike in bike clinic in Chicago: / photographer Suzanne Nathan
  • 4th prize: image of woman riding bike in Bremen, Germany: / photographer Shawn Turner


View Winning Video

This is an 8 minute version of our 55 minute documentary Beauty and the Bike. The film follows two groups of young women from Darlington and Bremen. Between them, they discover what makes – and stops – teenage girls from cycling. The answer? “It’s the Infrastructure, stupid!” The full DVD is available from