August 2016

Join APBP for a lively webinar providing insights about women and bicycling. We’ll talk about:

  • A new book by Emilie Bahr: Urban Revolutions: A Women’s Guide to 2-wheeled Transportation
  • A new story-telling tool by Melissa Balmer: “Pedal Love Storytelling Toolkit Part I”
  • Personal insights from the Honorable T. Bella Dinh-Zarr about bicycling to work at the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington, DC
  • Initial findings by Fionnuala Quinn about APBP’s 2016 Women Cycling survey and how perceptions have changed from the 2010 Women Cycling survey

Emilie Bahr, author, New Orleans, Louisiana
Melissa Balmer, Founder/Director Pedal Love, Long Beach CA
Honorable T. Bella Dinh-Zarr, PhD, MPH, National Transportation Safety Board, Washington, DC
Fionnuala Quinn, Director, The Bureau of Good Roads, Fairfax, Virginia

Click here to view the webinar recording from August 3, 2016